They are SO on the ball!

The Rhinebeck Breakers have won the East Hudson Youth Soccer League Division championship in the Girls Under 12-3 division. Posing in triumph are: front row from left: Libby Callahan, Elise Voorhis, Eve Kantaros, Summer Cruikshank, Samantha McClenahan, Olivia Fajardo. Back row from left: Gordon Cruikshank, Susannah Renzi, Libby Mensch, Lynsey Wienick, Daisy Gadsby, Caroline Voorhis, Emma Clegg, Amy Hanson, Liliana Ruger, Sarah Tobias and Coach Christian Ruger. They will be feted at the soccer league’s Dinner of Champions July 9 at Anthony‚Äôs Pier 9 in New Windsor.

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