Residents warned about deed-retrieval letters

Dutchess County residents are being warned that private companies are again mailing letters to homes informing residents that for fees ranging from $59.50 to $83, the company can retrieve a certified copy of their deed and mail it back to them. On their land record retrieval web pages, the companies state that they will obtain a copy of the deed from the County Clerk’s office.

“This is nothing more than an opportunity and a quick way to make money off of the hardworking residents of Dutchess County,” County Clerk Bradford Kendall said in a news release.

Certain land record retrieval companies claim that obtaining your land record can be a tedious process, Kendall said. “Not so,” he added.

He noted, “Obtaining a copy of one’s land record is easy and fast. Either visit our office directly at 22 Market Street [Poughkeepsie] and a copy of your deed or any document that we house and is available to the public will be presented to you immediately upon order, or order a copy on line using our webpage”

Kendall continued, “There is no reason a Dutchess County resident would need to reach out to a third party to obtain a certified copy of their deed or any document from my office. We routinely provide a certified copy of a person’s deed for a fee of $6.”

Anyone who receives this type of letter from any record-retrieval company, and has questions about their deed or any other legal document may contact Kendall at 845-486-2195

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