Route 199 repaving gets state funding

Twenty years after it was last repaved, the bumpy and rutted stretch of Route 199 between Route 308 and the Taconic Parkway is finally set for a facelift. Maybe.

Assemblymember Didi Barrett (D-Hudson) announced last week that $3.54 million in state funding has been appropriated to improve that stretch of the heavily trafficked road.

In a news release, Barrett said she helped secure the funding through her support of the N.Y. Works capital program in this year’s state budget.

“This stretch of Route 199 is well-used and in clear need of repair work,” Barrett said. “Infrastructure improvements like this are critical for our area to attract new businesses and provide safe road travel for our families.”

Milan’s supervisor, Bill Gallagher, agreed.

“I’m very excited and very happy that the state has decided to finally repair 199; it is definitely a goat trail the way it is right now,” he told The Observer. “We’ve been trying to get someone to support us on this for quite some time now. We get a lot of complaints from people who don’t understand that the town has no control over the state DOT…they come in and complain about the road conditions thinking that we have some control over it, but all we can do is make a complaint and hopefully get some of our legislators to support us on it.”

But, The Observer found, the state Department of Transportation has yet to be officially notified about the project.

According to Melissa Slater, public information officer for NYS DOT region 8, which includes Dutchess County, DOT has not received the official notice to begin designing the project or requesting bids for the work.

Slater said that until DOT receives the funding, it would be difficult to predict the timeline for the work, making it unlikely, but not impossible, that Route 199 could be worked on before the construction season is over.

According to DOT records, she said, the last time Route 199 was “milled and paved,” meaning a complete repaving, was in 1993.

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