Hyde Park planners OK new senior facility at Hoe Bowl site

A new senior assisted living facility on the site of the former Hoe Bowl bowling alley on Violet Avenue won approval from Hyde Park planners last week.

At its regularly scheduled monthly meeting Sept. 4, the Planning Board conducted a public hearing on the merits of the Hyde Park Assisted Living Facilities project and then, by a unanimous 6-0 vote of members present, gave the go-ahead site plan approval to James Rogers of the ALF, and his architect, Carlo Mazzarelli of Poughkeepsie.

The facility will provide housing for 76 residents and will be comprised of 27,000 square feet of living space. Rogers, a registered nurse, also owns Crystal House, an adult home for disable veterans, in Dover Plains.

Asked why Hyde Park was selected for the new assisted living facility, Rogers replied, “We sensed the need was here, and the state was very positive in entertaining the idea.”

He expects to hire a staff of 30 to 40 to handle day-to-day operations. “I do hope to employ local residents and look forward to working with those from the Hyde Park area, who would always be nearby, especially during severe wintry conditions,” he said.

After settling a few concerns about tree selection and the color of the building (green was chosen over beige), the Board Chair, Michael DuPree, called for public comment, but there was none.

DuPree then said, We are so pleased to have you here in Hyde Park and we cannot wait to see you open!”, and the audience of 35 residents applauded.

Many of those in attendance were there to support the progress of site plan approval for a community recreation center at the River Ridge at the intersection between Route 9 and Hudson View Terrace.

Rogers indicated that he hopes to break ground in November for the new facility with a completion date sometime in 2014.

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