A ‘welcome’ warning from Tivoli mayor

Following what he said were several recent arrests for noise and trespassing violations, Tivoli Mayor Bryan Cranna is warning village residents that there are local laws governing gatherings, open containers, noise, property maintenance, and trespassing.

His message, issued the last week of August, was particularly aimed at those moving into the village for the first time or moving back to the village after an absence.

“The Village of Tivoli has very clear-cut local ordinances in place, which help to establish and maintain the historic and friendly character of our community. Therefore, it is essential that residents be cognizant of that fact, and respect their neighbors. Failure to adhere to these ordinances and blatant disrespect of the community will result in consequences,” Cranna said in his prepared statement.

The arrests for violations or infractions involved excessive noise, trespassing, and open containers, he said.

These disturbances come on the heels of a recurring problem with vandalism in Tivoli’s public spaces, most notably Memorial Park.

In his statement, Cranna addressed the complex makeup of the village, with returning Bard College students, who make up a significant population in the village living cheek by jowl with those who are there year-round: “There are many who rent homes or apartments throughout Tivoli while they are attending school, learning a trade, working, or simply spending time in our small village. Additionally, there are many whose families have called Tivoli home for generations. This is one of the most unique factors of Tivoli. With that being said, it is essential that those who are living here for only a short time remember that they are moving into a neighborhood that may have young families living on the street or an elderly couple living next door. Respecting one’s neighbor is a must in our village.”

In order to avoid problems, Cranna suggested that landlords and residents obtain a copy of the village’s “Welcome to Tivoli” packet at Village Hall, which details the local ordinances, or they can download a copy from the village’s website, www.tivoliny.org.

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