Hyde Park mulls options for town improvements grant

Up to $150,000 in a Community Development Block Grant could help improve municipal facilities in Hyde Park once again this year.

The Town Board, in a discussion led by Engineer Pete Setaro at its Sept. 9 meeting, considered several options for submission to the county on its application for 2014 funding.

“Each municipality may submit just one application,” Setaro reminded the board members, “and the application must apply to an area of the municipality which meets a low-to-moderate income level.”

Among the suggestions made at the meeting: extending the sidewalks from Hyde Park Heights to the Hackett Hill Recreational area, adding sidewalks along Haviland Road from Rita’s on Route 9G to the Haviland Junior High School, repairing and completing sidewalk gaps on Main Street from the Town Hall westward, extending sidewalks on Crum Elbow Road from Rite Aid to the medical building east of it, adding sidewalks on the east side of Route 9 from Farm Lane to the Stop & Shop entrance traffic light, and requesting funding once again for sidewalks along Pine Woods Road to the Pinewoods park entrance east of Route 9.

Supervisor Aileen Rohr indicated that she would like to restore funding for the sidewalks along Pine Woods Road, which were not supported by all of the businesses in that area when first proposed. Diane Pratt, who lives in the Farm Lane vicinity, made a proposal to include sidewalks along, if not behind, the stonewalls southward on the east side of Route 9 to the traffic light for pedestrian safety in that shopping area.

Last year, Hyde Park received funding to extend sidewalks from the Stewart’s Shop on Route 9G west to the Hyde Park Heights apartments on East Market Street.

The sidewalk expansion is expected to begin next spring. The project was delayed in part because of the need to have property owner approval for sidewalks.

The proposals suggested at the Sept. 9 meeting could be narrowed down at the board’s next session on Sept. 23.

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