Kids’ writing contest offers a real trip

Love where you live? If you’re still in school, here’s your chance to write about it.

Teaching the Hudson Valley invites K-12 students to write about places they love in the region.

Prizes, including class trips to places written about, will be awarded to at least three students–one each in elementary, middle, and high school.

Students are encouraged to write about their favorite places, especially those reflecting the history, culture, and/or natural resources of the Hudson Valley.

Elementary students may submit poems of any style. Secondary students are invited to send essays or creative nonfiction: middle schoolers up to 500 words and high school students up to 750 words.

Entries must be received via e-mail by Mon., Nov.4 at 9am, with writing attached as a Word document or PDF. A signed submission form, available on THV’s website,, is also required.

All work will be read by teachers, site staff, THV’s coordinator, and representatives from the NYS DEC’s Hudson River Estuary Program, the Roosevelt-Vanderbilt National Historic Sites, and the Hudson River Valley Institute at Marist College.

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