Up and over Dover, Part 1

Rhinebeck volleyball head coach Allie Ferretti smiled as she sat in her seat, stomped her feet, and clapped her hands in unison with her team after a Rhinebeck point in the third set of the Lady Hawks’ game against the visiting Dover Dragons Oct. 5.

Rhinebeck, like most volleyball teams, has a chant and a shimmy for just about every style of scoring, and Ferretti can’t help but play along when her team is cruising — as they have been lately, jumping to a 7-4 record and beating Dover 3-1.

The Lady Hawks got the advantage over Dover at the top of the first set, going up 9-4 before the Dragons tied it at 10-10. The rest of the set was back-and-forth, with Dover holding a one- or two-point lead until Rhinebeck knotted it at 23. The Lady Hawks dropped the final two points, however, and lost the set 25-23; early on, it seemed like Rhinebeck would have trouble with Dover up on the net.

Things came together for Purple in the second set. After some customary early lead-swapping, Rhinebeck started creating distance at around 12-9, after a killer serve from Bailey Hutchins, and just ran away with the rest of the set, going up 18-9 after one particularly long volley and winning 25-16.

Purple had the momentum in the third set in the first couple of frames, but lost the lead to Dover at 8-7 before coming back around and taking a 19-12 lead. Dover mounted a pretty serious comeback, cutting it to 20-18, before Rhinebeck won their 21st point and rolled to a 25-20 victory in the set.

Dover tried hard to get things together in the fourth set, going back to their blocking heavy net game, and gained a 9-3 lead; Rhinebeck didn’t gain another point until it was 11-4. After a long rally, Rhinebeck tied it at 14 after Ferretti checked in big-time blocker Olivia Brandt to counter the Dover bigs. Brandt made all the difference, stopping Dover from making up any ground and allowing Rhinebeck to play the air game on the way to a 25-18 victory, the final point of which was won by Rhinebeck’s Sam Sherwood with a thunderous serve.

“It was amazing,” Ferretti told The Observer after the game. “Just awesome. It was a nice little jolt of energy for the team. We started off rough, but it’s just about the energy level. Sometimes, they always find a way to bounce back.”

She added, “I definitely have to say that Taylor Russell killed it in our service. She was there covering, hitting; she had a bunch of kills, a bunch of aces, and our defense had a lot of good ups. And Olivia (Brandt) killed it on the net with blocks.”

The Lady Hawks have a breezy schedule for the next two weeks. They host Pine Plains on Oct. 8 at 4:15pm, then have a week’s layoff until their next match against Webutuck, at home on Oct. 15 at 4:15pm. They then visit John A. Coleman on Oct. 17 at 4:15pm.

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