54-acre deer fence sought on Milan property

The owner of 250 Sawmill Road in Milan, Craig Leavitt, has applied to put up a deer fence on his 54.91-acre property and the town’s Zoning Board of Appeals has scheduled a public hearing on the required area variance.

The fence, made from black-mesh polyethylene deer netting mounted on metal T-posts, would stand seven feet high and run along the entire perimeter of the property. This includes a total 1,760 feet, or a third of a mile, of frontage along Sawmill Road, according to county records.

According to his application, there would be a front-yard setback of 35 feet, where 85 feet is required under town zoning law, and zero clearance from the property line on the east side, where a 35-foot. setback is required. The west side and back of the property both meet the required 35-foot setback.

At its Sept. 25 meeting, the ZBA suggested that the property owner consider moving the fence back at least 10 feet from the property line on the east side in order to ensure space for fence and landscape maintenance, but the planning office confirmed that as of Oct. 3 no change has been made.

The public hearing is set for the next ZBA meeting on Oct. 23 at 7pm.

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