Red Hook Sunoco station sign change challenged

A sign application for the Red Hook Sunoco station, formerly leased by West Side Auto, submitted to the Village of Red Hook planning board at its Oct. 10 meeting was passed to the Zoning Board of Appeals for an interpretation.

Owner Syed Yasin applied to change the colors of the sign at 3 St. John St. to black with white lettering with no change in dimensions or location. However, village zoning laws specifically prohibit any sign over 3 feet by 8 feet and Yasin’s sign is 3 feet by 9 feet.

The planning board recommended that Yasin apply to the ZBA in order for that body to review previous rulings that allowed the original sign to exceed the dimensions set by law. After review, the ZBA could decide if a variance allowing the changes is appropriate. The next ZBA meeting is Oct. 24 at 7pm.

CORRECTED: This article was updated to reflect that West Side Auto was a prior tenant not the company requesting the sign change.

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