5 arrested after girl found unconscious at Red Hook party

Five Red Hook residents, reportedly Bard students, were arrested Nov. 2 after police responded to a late-night report of an unconscious girl at a large party at a private residence.

According to a Red Hook police report, the 19-year-old unconscious girl was highly intoxicated and was transported to Northern Dutchess Hospital for treatment.

The police report said officers who responded to a 2:30am 911 call found more than 200 people at the party on Spring Lake Road, many of whom were under 21 and drinking alcohol.

The five residents of the house — all 21 — were arrested and charged with violating Dutchess County Social Host Law #2, which makes it a crime to serve liquor to minors in private home. They were processed and released on tickets to appear in court.
Red Hook Police were assisted at the scene by State Police.

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