5 local high school educators named ‘Master Teachers’

In the inaugural year of a statewide “Master Teacher” program established by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, three science teachers at Hyde Park’s FDR High School, one math teacher from Red Hook’s Linden Avenue Middle School and a science teacher from Rhinebeck’s Bulkeley Middle School were selected in the first round of 104 teachers, 18 of whom are from the mid-Hudson region.

Colleen Bucci, Deborah Kravchuk and Dorothy Lehsau-Findlay of Hyde Park; Deborah Mosher of Red Hook, and Kristin Koegel of Rhinebeck will each receive $15,000 annually for four years to participate in professional development, provide training to new and pre-service teachers, and support Common Core implementation across their regions, according to news releases from the schools.

The honor is bestowed only on math and science teachers in an effort to encourage careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). To be considered, teachers must have at least four years of experience and be rated “effective” or “highly effective” in their performance reviews.

“I am pleased to welcome New York’s inaugural group of Master Teachers, which brings together 104 of the most qualified math and science educators from four regions of the state,” Cuomo said in a news release. “As part of our efforts to build a world-class education system in New York, the Master Teachers program will allow this first group of talented teachers to assist their peers in the classroom, further develop their own expertise, and enhance the overall learning experience of our students for years to come.”

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