Milan taxes for 2014 inch up by 1%

Milan’s 2014 budget of $2,363,180 stays well below the 1.66 percent property tax cap set by the state this year.

The budget shows a 1.05 percent increase over last year’s appropriations, with $1,396,258 to be raised by taxes. That translates to a $10 increase for a home with an assessed value of $250,000, up from $755 this year to $765 in 2014.

But the town plans to use $247,836 from its fund balance to cover the appropriations. Town officials could not say what the total fund balance is at this time. Last year, $198,239 was appropriated from the fund balance for the budget, which totaled $2,238,019 and carried a 3.7 percent increase in the tax levy.

Cost increases include two new snow plows, one purchased last year and one purchased this year, and a $30,000 increase in the building line to pay for repaving parts of the driveway and parking around Town Hall. Roughly half the paving project will be completed this year, the rest is planned for next year.

In addition, all town employees, including officials, will get a 2 percent salary increase.

Supervisor Bill Gallagher and Councilman Jack Campisi told The Observer that the town board worked hard this year to keep the budget in check.

“It’s tough when you’re trying to stay within what the governor deems to be the appropriate amount…when you have unfunded mandates, it’s not easy,” Gallagher said, pointing to rising retirement plan costs as an example.

The town board was expected to adopt the budget at its Nov. 18 meeting.

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