Father, 2 kids shot to death in Pleasant Valley

A father and his two young sons were found shot to death in separate locations in Pleasant Valley Thursday morning, and state police were searching for an injured woman who they believe is another victim of the tragedy.

The deceased family members were identified late Thursday night as Abbas Lodhi, 49, and his two children, Zain Lodhi, 9, and Mugthba Lodhi, 13. Police were searching for Sarwat Lodhi, 43, who is missing and may be injured and in need of medical attention, according to a State Police report. Her relationship to the three was not disclosed.

But the police, in a 4pm press conference, ruled out the issue of community safety by saying, “We believe that this is a family tragedy and that the public should be not be concerned for their safety.”

According to the Associated Press, Arlington school officials said Zain was a fourth-grader at West Road Elementary School, and Mugthba was an eighth-grader at LaGrange Middle School. School officials said counselors would be on hand at the two schools on Friday.

The tragedy unfolded when state troopers responded to a 911 call at 8:30am and found two of the victims, the man and one boy, inside a locked vehicle at the A & P Plaza in Milestone Square in the Town of Pleasant Valley.

The police report said both victims were dead as a result of gunshot wounds.

Troopers then went to the victim’s residence and found another young boy inside the home who was also dead as a result of a gunshot wound, the report said.

The suspected weapon, a shotgun, was reportedly found in the supermarket parking lot.

The search for the missing woman, Sarwat Lodhi, involves state police, aircraft and K-9 units, according to the report.

State Police are asking anyone with information or knowledge of her whereabouts to contact Troop K at (845)677-7300.

Further details await the ongoing investigation.

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