Clinton tax rate stays stable

Clinton residents will see little change in their taxes for 2014, with a town budget that requires the same amount in property taxes as in 2013.

With a total budget of $2,062,707 and estimated revenues of $718,412, the town will need to raise $1,344,295 from property taxes next year. That’s the same amount as last year, but about $22,000 more than in 2012.

For a house valued at $300,000, the estimated tax would be about $533. Rounded out, the number appears to be the same as last year’s, but technically, due to a lower total assessment of properties in Clinton, taxes will go up about four-tenths of a percentage. The calculation is based a tax rate of $1.84 per thousand and a total assessed value of properties of $728,659,709 in 2013, down from $729,146,307 in 2012.

“Basically, we’re trying to maintain what we’re doing right now without increasing taxes,” Supervisor Jeff Burns told the Observer. He added that the board tried hard to keep rising costs at a minimum. “We worked together fine,” he said.

In the budget, operations are estimated at $856,722, or 42 percent, of the total, while employee benefits are $48,400, about 2 percent of the total. The highway department budget, $1,095,585, makes up just over half the budget.

The total does not include the budgets for the fire protection special districts, $513,500 for East Clinton and $380,251 for West Clinton.

Burns also noted that this year’s budget brings all the clerks at town hall up to at least 20 hours a week, which means town government offices will be open 20 hours a week.

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