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The Observer was interested in how residents view Hyde Park, so we asked several the following question, “What pleases you the most about living in Hyde Park?”

The responses were gathered at Stewart’s and Stop & Shop, at the annual Hyde Park Visual Environment Committee meeting, and on Election Night.

Victoria Kane, Beadart Drive resident: “I like the sense of community and Hyde Park’s friendliness, and I am looking forward to more businesses coming to town!”

Ron Lane, assistant treasurer, Dutchess County SPCA: “My wife and I like the small-town flavor and the spirit of organizations like the Visual Environment Committee.”

Carol Kohan, retired administrator for the U.S. National Park Service: “The history, the many national and state parks, and the beautiful environment.”

Monica Relyea, co-chairperson of the Visual Environment Committee: “It is the same town that my grandmother grew up in, and now I am raising my children here.”

Elizabeth Ring, River Road resident: “We are unique with the stonewalls framing our corridors, and we have many beautiful trees and trails throughout town.”

Sandy Diesing, three-year town resident: “Small-town life here is better than living in the city, and the quaintness helps one to get to know people. I also like the history of Hyde Park.”

Cindy Todd, newly elected town Tax Receiver: “I like everything about Hyde Park.”

Theresa Miscedra, lifetime resident: “I like the friendly neighborhoods and the convenience of shopping.”

Christine Jones, owner of Christine Jones Realty Company: “The history and geography of Hyde Park and the civic organizations that help to keep it moving ahead.”

George Desmond, Roosevelt Road resident: “I like the youth sports programs, especially the soccer program and the fields on Creek Road.”

Yancy MacArthur, owner of Payless Oil Company and former Town Supervisor: “I like the country atmosphere of our town, and I would hate to see it become overdeveloped.”

Hilary VanNorstrand, chairperson of the Visual Environment Committee: “I like the small-town flavor of Hyde Park and the many volunteers who support its cultural and social programs.”

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