Letters: Let’s work together on NDH expansion

Listening to the attendees of the Nov. 19 Rhinebeck Village Planning Board’s public hearing concerning the Northern Dutchess Hospital’s expansion plans, I gleaned the following:

1. Most were in favor of ensuring our hospital continues to exist and modernize.

2. Many believe a parking deck is the best solution for parking expansion.

3. Mayor Jim Reardon’s comment about everyone working together to find a solution was more than appropriate.

4. The “Save Rhinebeck’s Green Space” group was well-organized, thorough, articulate, energetic, intelligent, motivated and extremely tenacious.

Reflecting on the Mayor’s comments, it seems to me, that to satisfy all the needs and desires expressed, the most logical step to take is to have the “Save Rhinebeck’s Green Space” group dedicate themselves to raising the funds for a parking deck at the hospital. Upon creation of the parking deck, the green space used for parking could easily be reclaimed.

Paul Niedercorn

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