Red Hook laundromat building owner rescued from fire

The owner of the building housing Colburn’s Laundromat, at 7351 South Broadway in Red Hook, was trapped in a structure fire there in the early morning hours of Nov. 30, before a Red Hook firefighter and Sheriff’s Deputy pulled him to safety.

When emergency services arrived, owner Joe Colburn was upstairs in his apartment in the building, unable to get out because of a disability. According to a Sheriff’s Office report, Deputy Russell Seymour and Assistant Fire Chief Michael Lane entered the smoke-filled building, located Colburn, and carried him out to safety.

“[These men] put their personal safety aside and entered the building to help someone in need, and if it had not been for their efforts, the situation could have turned out very differently. Both men deserve recognition for the outstanding job they did to bring Mr. Colburn to safety during a very dangerous situation,” the news release said.

Report of the fire came in at approximately 4:35am; it was discovered near a dryer. The cause is still under investigation, but damage to the structure was minimal, due to the efforts of the Red Hook Fire Department.

Assisting at the scene were New York State Police, the Dutchess County Fire Investigation Division, and the Rhinebeck and Tivoli Fire Departments.

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