Parsonage St. garage variance stalled by driveway issue

Village of Rhinebeck Zoning Board of Appeals

Sharon Collins and James Strong of 60 S. Parsonage St. applied for an area variance to allow a new garage on their property. But the ZBA on Jan. 16 deferred a decision on the application so the zoning enforcement officer could conduct a second site visit after the board discovered the property has two driveways, one that was created within 1 foot of the property line without planning board review. The garage variance is necessary because plans call for a 5 ft. setback to the rear and on one side where the required setbacks are 25 feet from the rear property line and 10 feet from the side. The planning board had previously recommended the variance. At the ZBA’s public hearing Jan. 16, one neighbor wrote in support of the application, but another said there were other places to put the garage. The board agreed that it could not approve the variance if the property was not in compliance with the zoning code and asked the ZEO to visit and report back at the Feb. 20 meeting.

Village of Rhinebeck Planning Board

Hotel-bistro gets site plan approval
Rhinebeck Village Place, a proposed lodging facility with ancillary spa and wine bistro at 46 West Market St, sought and received final site plan approval from village planners at their Jan. 21 meeting. The project–which in its final phase includes a 50-room hotel, 40-seat wine bistro, and spa facility– has been before the board in several versions since 2008. The 15-page resolution was approved unanimously. The applicant’s request for an area variance for a front yard setback requirement of 5 feet to be adjusted to 306 feet was also approved unanimously at the ZBA board’s Jan. 16 meeting.

Cement blockade next to CVS sought
Azevedo/Access International Properties, at 6384 and 6376 Mill St., came to the planning board meeting for site plan review of a plan to install cement traffic blockade posts with reflectors along the part of their property line that is shared with the CVS pharmacy to the rear of their property. The blockade installation may require the removal of several trees, so the board requested that the applicant consult the village’s tree commission and/or an independent arborist in order to find a plan could possibly conserves trees.

The board, however, approved the application, with one member voting against, and asked the applicant to wait until the spring to make the changes because a crosswalk is to be installed on Mill St. in the same area in the spring. The site plan application included a proposal to install three new windows on the second floor of the building, which was approved unanimously by the board.

Kitchen addition approved at 60 South St.
Molly O’Gorman of 60 South St. appeared before the board with an application for a kitchen addition and alterations. The existing addition is 249 sq. ft. and will be removed and rebuilt slightly larger, adding 101 sq. ft., for a total of 350 sq. ft. The addition will extend to the rear and east side of the property, all within required setbacks. The application was approved unanimously.

Town of Milan Zoning Board of Appeals

Public hearing set for new house in Woody Row Rd. subdivision
Sean Hynes is applying to build a new house on Lot #16 of a subdivision on Woody Row Rd. Construction is planned for spring, pending review of the proposed septic system by the county’s health department. Because of a DEC wetland and required setbacks, the space for a house is very limited. Required setbacks for the A5 zone are 85 feet at the front, 50 feet at the sides and back, but whether a variance would be required was not clear at the meeting. The house is proposed as a one-story structure, 60 by 60 feet. There is a 2,000 sq. ft. limit to living space in the subdivision regulations and the plans fit into that. There will also be a 24×24 ft. garage, and there may be a deck added.

The board asked for a final outline of the house and possible deck to be ready for a public hearing, which was set for the board’s Feb. 26 meeting.

Town of Clinton Zoning Board of Appeals

Stissing View lot division variance extension approved
Nancy Packes’s application to subdivide her existing 26-acre lot at 27-37 Stissing View Road into two parcels was again before the board for discussion at their Jan. 23 meeting. Packes plans to turn an existing barn into her primary residence, to be located on one lot and to keep the current primary residence as a guest house on the second lot. A primary residence, caretaker’s cottage and barn are the existing structures on the property at this time. In order to subdivide, each lot must be approved for a driveway even if no driveway will be installed. Packes is still waiting on the county’s Department of Public Works for that approval.

Meanwhile, an area variance granted in February 2013 is set to expire next month so Packes requested an extension and after some discussion the board agreed on six months. The variance would allow for the demolition of two accessory structures, at least one of which has already been demolished, and expansion of the barn into a dwelling; it was originally granted in 2007. A public hearing on the application was opened and closed with no public comment, except for a letter from one neighbor who saw no negative effects on the neighborhood. The board unanimously approved the variance extension.

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