Rhinebeck school bus drivers get new contract

The bus drivers for the Rhinebeck Central School District, represented by Teamsters Local 445, have reached a contract agreement with their employer, Durham School Services, following 18 months of negotiations.

The new four-year contract “will reduce turnover, improve safety and achieve economic fairness” for the 173 bus drivers and monitors the Teamsters represent, which includes Rhinebeck and the Spackenkill School District, BOCES and county preschools, the Teamsters said in a news release. A wage scale was one of the big wins according to Teamsters’ Principal Officer Adrian Huff.

In the 18-month span, the union held two unfair practice strikes and brought multiple charges against Durham to the National Labor Relations Board. Wage inequities led to high worker turnover rates said Huff.

“I believe as time goes on, you’ll see a lot less turnover,” he told the Observer.

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