Rhinebeck schools get ExxonMobil grants

The Rhinebeck Central School District has received two $500 grants from the ExxonMobil Educational Alliance program.

The grants will be put towards math and science education at the Chancellor Livingston Elementary School and Rhinebeck High School. The district has not yet decided on how the funds will be used.

Richard Matthies, manager of both Mobil locations in Rhinebeck, sponsored the grant. He also gave two grants in March through the same program and has been making the donations as far back as 2002.

“The Rhinebeck Central School District works hard to make learning interesting and fun. As a Mobil retailer, I’m proud to help the young people of the Rhinebeck community,” said Matthies in a district statement.

The ExxonMobil Education Alliance program is designed to let Exxon and Mobil retailers invest in their communities’ futures.

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