Fire hydrant snow removal needed in Rhinebeck

The Rhinebeck Fire Department is asking residents to clear snow from fire hydrants as part of the snow removal on their properties.

The snow accumulation and/or the results of plowing and snow clearing can completely cover or restrict access to fire hydrants in case they are needed, the department said in a notice posted on the village website.

The department offered these snow removal tips for fire hydrants:

*Adopt a fire hydrant to keep an eye on.
*Make it a regular part of your snow clearing routine.
*Clear a path to fire hydrants from the road.
*Remove snow from all sides so it is visible from the road, and easily accessible for a fire hose.

The Rhinebeck Fire Department also reminds those removing snow to take frequent breaks and to avoid snow removal until conditions are safe.

In addition, Mayor Heath Tortarella is reminding village property owners to keep their sidewalks clear of snow and ice.

In a news release, he said, “Removal of snow and ice should be completed within 24 hours after each storm. Areas in front of commercial properties must be kept clean between the hours of 9am-5pm. In addition, when clearing driveways and sidewalks, snow and ice must not be deposited in the roadway.”

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