Clinton planners review cell tower proposal

The Clinton planning board heard a presentation at its March 18 meeting for a new cell tower near the Taconic Parkway.

AT&T representatives Parker Armsby and Thomas Puchner discussed construction of a 100-foot mono-pole cell tower on Germond Road, a site they chose because a prior carrier, Nextel, had received board approval for a similar proposal several years ago. Nextel pulled out of the deal when they ran out of capital and were bought out by another company.

The AT&T representatives hoped to establish the requirements for submitting a similar proposal. But given the site’s location in the town’s scenic overlay district, the planning board said the town’s consultants, including a planner, attorney, and engineer, would need to be present before an application could move forward. The board resolved to establish a $10,000 escrow account to pay the consultants, and AT&T and the planning board agreed to meet again with the town consultants present to discuss the details of the cell tower proposal.

Also at the meeting, Jim Brands of 110 Rymph Rd., represented himself, his wife, Lori, and his neighbor, Jennifer Malcarne, in a lot line adjustment application related to the sale of 17.534 acres of his 116.15 acre property to Malcarne to be incorporated into her existing parcel of 5.8 acres. An agreement that prevented this transfer for 10 years is no longer applicable and Brands and Malcarne filed a deed restriction with the Town Clerk preventing future subdivision of the parcel. No one spoke at the public hearing on the matter, and the board granted approval.

The board also approved Omega Institute’s application for an annual special permit for the operation of Long Pond Campground. Upon inspection by the town’s zoning enforcement officer, the campground, located at 150 Lake Drive, met all conditions outlined in the deed agreement and had no known violations on the property.

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