Gilbert Farm site plan amendment for mini-golf course passes in Hyde Park

An application by Ken Casamento for approval of a site plan amendment to change the location of a planned miniature golf course at Gilbert Farms was passed by the planning board March 19.

The course, was originally proposed for south of the driving range at 950 Violet Ave, but the amendment changed the location to northwest of the driving range, and changed some details of what the course would be like.

Town engineer Peter Setaro asked Casamento about the proposed lighting for the site and drainage.

Casamento responded, “Our lighting has been set up as best as we can to prevent shining the lights on the neighborhood properties,” and added that there will be a timer that turns the lights off at closing. The lights will be 10 feet high. He also said that all of the drainage would be on site and that no drains or storm basins would need to be installed.

Neighbors in Hidden Brook Estates have complained in the past about lighting and noise concerns, However, Steven Kissel, the manager of Hidden Brook Estates, told the Observer that he does not believe the course as currently designed will be a problem for the Hidden Brook community.

Planning Board member Anne Dexter asked about how late the business would be open. Casamento said they plan to be open Sunday through Thursday until 10pm and Friday and Saturday until 11 pm. Planning Board member Ed Cigna commented that it would be a “great addition” to Hyde Park and the other board members shared his sentiments.

John Green, of Poughkeepsie, said that he was mainly concerned about the hours of operation and whether college students might try to bring alcohol on the premises. Green suggested that the course close at 10pm every night.

Casamento said he would have no problem putting up a sign that states that alcohol is prohibited on the premises.

The amendment was passed unanimously with planning board chair Michael Dupree and member Robert Groeninger absent.

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