Red Hook planners continue Anderson Commons hearing

Plans for Anderson Commons, a 52-unit development in the town and village of Red Hook, came up again at a public hearing before town planners at their March 17 meeting.

Andy Learn of Morris Associates explained that the major subdivision, to be located in the area of Baxter Rd., Fisk St. and Glen Ridge Rd. behind the Chocolate Factory, had already been approved in 2006, and he was now seeking a re-approval.

The site is on 56.3 acres of former agricultural land, with a portion in the town and a smaller amount in the village. The idea is to create a village-like feel, with a mix of multifamily and single-family homes on small lots, a handful of single-family “executive homes” on larger lots, and a commons area to be served by a 2,600-foot town-owned road. The lots will have private roads.

Learn said that the original plans called for building the executive homes first, but now they plan to start with the higher density homes. The subdivision will get its water from the town. Though the storm water regulations have become more stringent since 2006, the original design had good infiltration practices, so they haven’t had to do much in that area, he said.

The commons area will be served by a subsurface sewage disposal system for the multiple buildings and the Dutchess County Department of Health has said it will be approved. Learn also said they would be putting in retention basins and the septic will be outside the wet area. There will be no basements in any of the homes, he added.

Planning Board member Charlie Laing asked if the development of the road will be done in phases.

Learn replied that they will construct the first 1,200 feet and the rest will be roughed in with item 4 gravel, and there will be temporary gates at each end of the roughed-in road until the executive lots are completed.

Laing said the town engineer wants more information on maintenance of the storm water basin and other issues and the board wants all that resolved before preliminary plat approval.

Planning Board chair Christine Kane explained that the town attorney doesn’t think the town agreed to be responsible for the maintenance of the storm water basin, and she wanted to clarify that before final decisions are made.

Learn accepted that and the public hearing was adjourned until Apr. 7.

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