Red Hook justices get grants for court equipment

The Town and Village of Red Hook Justice Courts have received grants and equipment this fiscal year totaling more than $3,500.

The grants covered new court tables, a shredder for confidential documents, a dehumidifier for the records room and security enhancements.

In a news release, Town Justice Jeffrey Martin said, “We are deeply gratified that we were able to obtain the funds for this important office equipment at no direct cost to the Red Hook taxpayers.”

Town and Village Justice Jonah Triebwasser added, “These grants were a team effort. I thank the court staff — Court Clerks Kathy Fell, Nancy Roberts and Danielle Tashman — as well as the town and village boards, and various members of the town and village staffs for their invaluable assistance in obtaining these funds.”

Since 2007, the justices have obtained more than $75,000 in grants, furniture and equipment for the Red Hook courts from the state’s Office of Court Administration Justice Court Assistance Program.

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