Site plan waiver granted, plus other planning and zoning board updates in Hyde Park and Clinton


New home on River Rd. gets site plan waiver
The builder for a new house on 100 River Road, John Hommel, presented an application to waive site plan review to the board at their April 16 meeting. The new house will have a stucco finish on the exterior as well as vinyl siding and will be 3,369 sq. ft. Since the plans were first reviewed, an upstairs dormer and basement entry were added. The board reviewed the application and found no concerns and took into consideration Zoning Administrator Kathleen Moss’s recommendation for approval of the waiver. The builder already has a permit for handling sediment and erosion on the site. The board voted unanimously to grant the waiver.

Lot line alteration requested at 120 and 124 Cardinal Rd.
Anson Sears of 124 Cardinal Road came before the board April 16 to apply for a lot line alteration between his 2 acre property and that of Peter Francese of 120 Cardinal Road who owns 4.8 acres. Sears is looking for more space for his backyard. The board noted that both properties are under 5 acres and will stay under that amount once the alteration, the acreage of which was not specified, is completed. Currently there is a zoning law that would require that 30 percent of each parcel in the Greenbelt District be set aside in a conservation easement for open space but because the board is recommending to the town board that the law be changed so that it would not affect lot line alterations of this kind, the planning board suggested that Sears consider delaying his application. The board scheduled further SEQR review of the application for their May 7 meeting.

Lot line alteration for Old Post Road and Mulford Ave
Michael and Kathryn Whitman of 60 Old Post Road and Dolores Healey of 13 Mulford Ave, whose properties abut one another near the corner of the two streets are seeking lot line revision between Healey’s property which is .56 acres and the Whitmans’ which is .49. The application was discussed at the planning board’s April 16 meeting. The Whitmans have applied to purchase Healey’s driveway in order to provide a different approach to their property but specific acreage amounts were not available. The original plan was for the Whitmans to build a new garage but now the plan is only to demolish an existing garage and not replace the structure. The board said that both parties will need to apply for new driveway permits from the town highway department. A public hearing on the project is set for May 7.


Hearing set for accessory apartment on Oak Grove Rd.
At the April 15 planning board meeting, Chris Meyer presented an application by his wife, Marybeth Meyer, to build an accessory apartment on the second floor of their pool house at 35 Oak Grove Road. Several years ago, the Meyers obtained a lot line adjustment and a building permit for this project, but they only recently discovered that they would also need a special use permit to move forward with construction. County Department Board of Health approval has been obtained for the pool house, which has a separate septic system from the main residence. However, the pool permit is still open; according to town building inspector, a couple of changes are required, including the installation of locks on the doors. The planning board noted a couple of minor items to be added to the Meyers’ map before voting to declare itself lead agency on the application and scheduling a public hearing for the board’s May 6 meeting.

Sign approved for Clinton Cheese & Provisions
Also on April 15, the planning board approved a sign permit application for Clinton Cheese & Provisions at 2411 Salt Point Turnpike. Business owner Erin Caferelli would like to install a freestanding sign on a preexisting sign pole in front of the building. Town zoning code allows for 30 square feet of signage, and the new sign and existing signs combined will not exceed that limit. After determining that no further review or public hearing was necessary for a Type II action and that the application met all necessary requirements, the planning board granted sign permit approval. Caferelli will now need to obtain the permit to install the sign from Zoning Enforcement Officer Bob Fennell.

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