1st Rhinebeck Repair Café offers free fixes May 3

Got a lawn mower that doesn’t cut it? Does your bike have a flat? Does your watch no longer watch the time?

Don’t despair, bring them to Rhinebeck’s first-ever Repair Café!

Hosted by county legislator Joel Tyner and the Rhinebeck Conservation Advisory Board, the Repair Café will be held May 3 at Town Hall. It’s billed a festive — and free — event bringing together volunteers who like to fix things and people who need things fixed.

Starting at 12pm and ending at 4pm, volunteer repair coaches will help people make repairs free of charge. Tools and materials will be on hand, though small parts will need to be brought along with broken items (or will be suggested for purchase). Toys, mowers, lamps, bikes, chairs, crockery: anything broken is welcome and can more than likely be repaired.

The list of repair coaches, including local residents and students, includes:

— Joe Zen, Bob Roush, Bob Wyant repairing small motors, household appliances, small woodwork, and more.
— Ken Douglas: small woodwork and household goods
— Dawn Condit and Kathleen Everett: seamstresses
— Kimberly Bail: jewelry, painting touch-ups, crockery
— Chris Tirone: instruments (minor fixes, tuning, strings, etc.) and more
— Bard student Logan Hollarsmith: bikes
— Bard student Sam Audino: computers

There is a limit of 2 items per person, and all items must be able to be carried or wheeled by one person. And if you know how to fix things and want to help out, get in touch, or just go to Town Hall on May 3.

For more information, contact: Joel Tyner, 845-453-2105, joeltyner@earthlink.net.

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