Village of Red Hook passes final budget

The Red Hook village board unanimously passed its final budget for 2014-2015 at a workshop April 24.

According to Mayor Ed Blundell, the final budget tax levy increase comes in slightly higher, at 1.97 percent, than the tentative budget, which had a 1.69 percent increase. Due to this change, the cost per thousand to taxpayers will rise two cents, from $6.09 to $6.11.

The real property tax amount levied rose to $1,163,517 from the tentative budget’s $1,160,322, a difference of $3,195. Blundell said that using the state comptroller’s calculations, the 1.97 percent will still fall under the tax cap.

“We’ve been working on it since February, and the few revisions we’ve made to the tentative budget are related to snow removal and an unforeseen repair to the garbage truck,” said Blundell.

He explained that the snow clearing budget for the current fiscal year went way over what had been originally budgeted. Blundell said the budget for the actual removal of snow was $9,000, but the biggest expenses were the materiel expense at $12,000 and overtime pay at $10,200.

The board approved use of $5,000 in reserve funds to cover the snow removal costs and the cost of the truck repair.

Blundell also suggested taking advantage of an existing credit line at Salisbury Bank with a 1.35 percent interest rate to cover any other shortfall before the end of the fiscal year, if needed. The board agreed to take $12,500 from the Salisbury Bank, which will have an interest cost of $100, according to Blundell.

He also cited some good news on the income side in that last quarter receipts for the cell tower rental came in higher than expected, at $79,300 instead of $75,200.

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