Local planning and zoning actions


The proposed spa facilities at Rhinebeck Village Place received special use permit approval at the village planning board meeting May 6. The spa will be on the premises of a 40-room hotel planned for 46 W. Market St. The site will also house a wine bar and meeting room. At a public hearing, Richard Cantor, the attorney representing the owners of the Beekman Arms hotel, which abuts the property, objected to the permit, saying the spa will have an excessive impact on noise, parking, and traffic, and that the structure is not in keeping with the character of the village. The board said those objections related to the development’s primary use as a lodging facility, which had already been approved in January. The board unanimously approved a five-page pre-drafted resolution in favor of the special permit. Disputes over the development are ongoing, however, with an article 78 lawsuit initiated by Beekman Delameter Properties in state Supreme Court.

Darryl’s moving to pharmacy site
Darryl Duvals 2, a women’s clothing shop currently at 41 E. Market St., received site plan and sign approval May 6 for its new location at 18A E. Market St., the west half of the former Northern Dutchess Pharmacy. The board imposed a $2,000 fee in lieu of two parking spaces. Fiberflame, a mixed-media arts studio, is set to open on the east half of the former pharmacy site later this month.

Subdivision approved for Platt Ave
Louis Jr. and Joyce Tumolo won approval from village planners to subdivide 8-10 Platt Ave., which had originally been two lots, after a May 6 public hearing. Two neighbors sought assurances from the planning board that any future construction on the new lot will maintain the character of the neighborhood. The board noted that because Platt Ave. is outside the historic district, its site plan authority is limited. The board then unanimously approved the subdivision with a condition on future driveway placement and a recommendation that the building envelope be consistent with nearby properties. The change will require demolition of an existing garage that straddles the new property line.

Site plan approved for 108 Montgomery St
Lauren Munsch requested approval of a site plan May 6 for 108 Montgomery St. to resolve existing code violations that have held up her purchase of the property for a cardiology practice. The plan would move parking away from the street, mitigate storm water runoff, and add trees to the front of the lot. The board unanimously approved the new plan on the condition of a slight increase in parking lot size for maneuverability and a widening of the driveway to accommodate fire truck access. Planned changes to the rear of the building and internal use will require future approval.

Village Green landscaping approved
The planning board unanimously approved landscaping enhancements to the frontage for Village Green apartments May 6, which will include a two-foot stone accent wall and additional plantings.

New Rhinebeck Bank sign OK’d
Rhinebeck Bank will replace its existing time-and-temperature sign with a more traditional externally illuminated sign following planning board approval May 6. The south side of the existing sign has been damaged for several months. A representative for the bank also queried the board on a plan to place a UV-blocking film on the windows of the bank’s atrium, to protect art work displayed inside. The board said any proposal would require separate reviews on the film as an architectural element and as increased signage.

New handicap access for Lutheran church
Third Evangelical Lutheran Church of 31 Livingston St. received approval May 6 on an amended site plan for a vertical platform lift and new steps to replace existing concrete steps on the building’s 1970s-era addition. The initial site plan was approved last May but not completed because of a change in contractors. The new plan includes slight changes to the external enclosure for the lift and steps.

Demolition of historic two-story barn proposed
Michael and Mary Bird told the planning board May 6 they want to demolish a two-story barn at 62 Livingston St., in the village historic district, because it is too damaged to be restored. They are proposing a two-story replacement barn, to include garage bays, storage, and a bathroom on the first floor and Mary Bird’s business, Mari Kirkwood Design, on the second floor. The board noted that demolition of the existing barn is not contingent upon an approved plan for the replacement, but it recommended architectural enhancements to the new building to replicate the character of the existing barn. The board set a public hearing May 20.


Kelly Street addition approved
Ruby Palmer, agent for John Nathan, was present at the May 5 planning board meeting for a public hearing on applications for special use permits and a site plan for an addition at 32 Kelly Street. With no public comment on the proposed addition — of a 96 sq. ft. mudroom to the existing single-family home — the board granted the applications unanimously.

Permit, site plan OK’d for 9G addition
John Phillips’s application for a special use permit and site plan approval for an accessory dwelling at 2867 Route 9G was also approved unanimously by the planning board May 5. A letter from a neighbor was read at the continued public hearing, stating concern that the proposed 1,352 sq. ft. detached accessory unit may be too close to their property. The board closed the hearing after board members noted that, on a site visit the week before, they had seen no issues with the addition.


Lot line adjustment approved for Hicks Hill Rd
Town planners held a public hearing May 7 for Wilfred and Cheryl Beam of 129-153 Hicks Hill Road, represented by their surveyor, to adjust the lot line between two parcels they own totaling 93.5 acres. No new tax parcels or building lots will be created. After opening and closing the hearing with no public comments, the board declared itself lead agency, approved a negative declaration of environmental impact and granted final approval, conditional on county Department of Health review.

Field Rd lot line adjustment hearing set
The board also reviewed an application by Thomas Foote, who owns 563 and 567 Field Road, to adjust the lot line between the two parcels. His house is located on a 19.57 acre lot, and he wants to shift the property line about 229 feet in order to create a buffer zone between his house and the adjacent property, which he also owns, of 6.75 acres, resulting in lots of 21.18 and 5.14 acres. Foote stated he has no plans to sell the land or change his residence. The board scheduled a public hearing for June 4.

Lot line adjustment proposed for Sawmill Rd
Robert Riccobono of 63 Sawmill Road owns a .78 acre lot, including his current residence, and a 14.01 acre lot directly across the street; he told the board May 7 that he would like to adjust the lot line between these two parcels in order to add the pond and existing barn across the street to the property containing his house. Additionally, he plans to build a two-bedroom house for his children on what remains of the 14.01 acre parcel. The board said the changes would make both lots less conforming and Riccobono would have to bring the board a sketch of the plan, including the new lot line, the new acreages, and the dimensions and location of the proposed house.

Town of Red Hook Planning Board

Lot line adjustment proposed on Feller-Newmark Road

At the May 5 meeting, Dean and Linda Kent applied for a lot line alteration between their 93.29-acre parcel on Feller-Newmark Road and that of John Feller, owner of an adjacent 139-acre parcel, which would convey 10 acres from Feller to Kent. Kent explained that the Feller property is a field bordering the rear of the Kent property, where they plan to grow fruit trees. The board asked for an agricultural data statement, an updated Environmental Assessment Form and updated property tax information and invited the Kents to return for their May 19 meeting.

Town of Red Hook Zoning Board of Appeals

Hearing on daycare variance continued

A public hearing was held May 14 at the zoning board on Don Triebel’s application for an area variance at the former site of Half Pint Daycare at 208 Rockefeller Lane. Triebel explained the goals for Funshine Nursery School, which is seeking to purchase the property which might result in a 33 percent increase in the number of children there. Triebel said not all would attend every day, and not all day. While the town code refers to “enrolled” children, Triebel is requesting consideration for children permitted “onsite” at one time. Two neighbors spoke about parking, traffic and liability concerns. The board continued the hearing to its June 11 meeting and requested further documentation from the current owner of the site, Darlene Pedatella, as well as Triebel and Funshine.

Accessory apartment proposed for Spring Lake Rd
The board also heard the initial application May 14 from Susan Simon and Elizabeth Jones of 38 Spring Lake Rd to convert 500 sq. ft. of a renovated barn on their property to an apartment for an elderly relative. Regulations do not allow an accessory apartment in their zoning district. The board explained the documentation needed in order to consider granting a use variance for the property and will revisit the discussion once the applicants submit the paperwork.

Village of Red Hook Planning Board

New commercial spaces approved for Market St.
Lauren Grady and Vivian Mandala returned to the board May 8 to continue discussion of their site plan application for 31-35 Market St. The application is for a change of use in order to turn two residential apartments into two commercial spaces. At last month’s meeting, the board asked the applicants for detailed plans for parking at the rear of the building. Grady and Mandala presented plans for 25 parking spaces, including two handicapped spots. The board accepted the plans with the stipulation that two handicap signs be added. Signage for the site still needs to be approved.

Change proposed for Knollwood Commons plan
The board also held a conference with engineer Mark Graminski and project manager Mark Lindberg of Knollwood Commons on Firehouse Lane on proposed changes to the original site plan, which was approved in 2006. The original plans called for the two buildings fronting Firehouse Lane to be mixed use: commercial retail on the ground floor and residential on the second. The developers want to change the use from mixed to residential only with no change to the footprint. The planning board attorney told Graminski that they will need site plan amendment and special use approval and can return to the board when they are ready

Two public hearings on zoning changes set

At the May 12 Village Board meeting, Mayor Ed Blundell suggested the zoning code needs a new provision to allow the planning board a 60-day deadline to make decisions, including the SEQR process. A public hearing on the change will be held June 9 at 7pm in Village Hall.
The board also proposed changing the parking code during winter months to allow parking on village streets until 2am for local night spots. Local businesses complained that their patrons were being ticketed after 11pm, which has been the cutoff time for winter street parking. A public hearing on this change was also set for June 9 at 7:15pm.


Pool-house apartment on Oak Grove Road OK’d
The Clinton Planning Board held a public hearing May 6 for Marybeth Meyer’s site plan and special use permit application on her 10-acre lot at 35 Oak Grove Road. Meyer, represented by her husband, Chris Meyer, applied for an accessory apartment above an existing pool house. The hearing was opened and closed with no public comments. After reviewing the short form SEQR and approving a negative declaration of environmental impact, the board granted approval of Meyer’s application conditional on the building inspector’s verification that current pool violations have been resolved, including one gate requiring alteration and ensuring that all door buzzers are operational.

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