Red Hook Men’s Basketball League update

With regular season action coming to a close, the Red Hook Men’s Basketball League postseason starts at the beginning of August and Matt Parr Insurance is playing some high-level A-Division game.

Parr has keyed a pair of wins in the past two weeks, one over Arlington, 75-65, in a game led in scoring by Kevin Cayea with 33, and the other a 68-58 victory over Dutchess Beer; Parr’s Beau Smith led with 24. Parr fell to Dutchess Beer, 62-58 in overtime in another game; Cayea led again with 24 points for Parr. Point Break Tennis was shut down twice. They felled Arlington, 66-58, in a game led in scoring by Arlington’s Will Kurdziel with 16, and later to Bard Alumni, 45-39, a game in which Bard’s Frank Stortini led all scorers with 15. Bard fell to Hawks, 61-50; Joe Stortini led with 31 points for Bard.

In the B/C-Division, Raiders and Matt’s Auto Body have been in control – but Raiders takes the win-percentage battle, at least in the past two weeks, with a 41-39 victory over Matt’s, led in scoring by Raiders’ Beau Smith with 25. Raiders also beat Ryan McCann Insurance, 42-40; Jesse Smith led all scorers with 19 for McCann.

Matt’s beat Christina’s Pizza, 39-37, behind 20 points from Matt Kennedy, and beat Village Pizza, 47-42, in a game led in scoring by Matt’s Craig Myers with 20. Village Pizza also fell to Matt Parr Insurance, 66-48; Justin Cooper of Parr and Bill Diedrick of Village split the scoring lead with 22 apiece. Christina’s also lost to Minnow Motors, 66-38; Naquan Spreewell led with 22 for Minnow. BFAS keyed Thruway Nissan, 40-30, in a game in which Mandy Fuchs led with 12 for BFAS, and Landworks squeaked by Germantown, 42-40; George Donahue of Landworks led with 21.

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