Frost Fund enables Rhinecliff Fire Dept. to purchase new generator

A SPARK OF HELP FROM THE FROST FUND: Rhinecliff Volunteer Fire Company Commissioner Bob Fitzpatrick shows off the firehouse’s new generator, which was purchased through a grant from the Frost Memorial Fund to replace a 35-year-old generator that had become unreliable. The Frost Memorial Fund is a private foundation that awards grants to nonprofit organizations, with particular attention to charities in the Village and Town of Rhinebeck. Since 2009, the fund has distributed more than $1 million; in 2013, the fund awarded $309,162 to Rhinebeck civic and charitable organizations, including: Ferncliff Forest, Morton Memorial Library, Northern Dutchess Hospital, Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, Quitman Resource Center, Rhinebeck Chamber Music Society, Russell Refuge, Southlands Foundation, Starr Library, Village of Rhinebeck, Wilderstein Historic Site and Young Rhinebeck.

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