Local planning and zoning actions


East Elm Ave. pool variance granted
Barbara and Arthur Gross, Sr., of 3 E. Elm Ave., Staatsburg, were present for a public hearing at a special meeting of the Hyde Park Zoning Board of Appeals Aug. 13. The public hearing was re-opened after being adjourned at the Aug. 5 meeting to take proper measurements for the variances they are seeking for a pool and patio. Vice Chair Stanley Frangk announced that measurements the ZBA originally believed to be inaccurate had now been found to be accurate, so the variance to change the rear yard setback from 15 to 10 ft. will stand. However, the measurements for another variance in the acceptable distance for development near an undisturbed stream corridor were found to be incorrect. Originally, Gross had measured 33 ft. from the center of the pre-existing pool to the stream, but board member Michael Whitman took the measurement from the point closest to the stream and it was 30 ft., so the variance application is now for a setback of 30 ft., where 100 ft. are required. The public hearing was closed without comment. The ZBA then unanimously granted both variances for the development of a pre-existing pool, patio and associated shed.


SEQR completed for Dollar General
The public hearing for the site plan approval for a proposed Dollar General store on 2049 Violet Ave. was reopened at the Aug. 20 meeting of the Hyde Park Planning Board. Chair Michael Dupree said the site plan had been updated to include the removal of one side window and the addition of one at the front of the building as requested by member Anne Dexter. Engineering consultant to the board Pete Setaro said he had heard back from the Dutchess County Health Dept. and that while some modifications are still needed, they are likely to approve the application. The planning board completed SEQR for the application while waiting on word from the county, and a resolution of non-significance was approved unanimously. The public hearing will continue at the Sept. 3 meeting.

Stewart’s hearing continued
Chris Potter of Stewart’s Shops was present for a public hearing with the Hyde Park Planning Board on Aug. 20 for a site plan amendment for the store located at 3648 Albany Post Rd. Potter gave a summation of the changes previously mentioned, such as tank replacements, new landscaping, sidewalk replacement, and a replacement canopy, which will be enlarged from 24ft. x 30ft. to 51ft. x 51ft. Dupree said they also altered the southern entry, as the board requested, to smooth the curve. The public hearing will continue at the board’s Sept. 17 meeting, after they have received comment from Dutchess County Planning.

Town Center site plans mods approved
Kelly Libolt of GNS Group represented the Hyde Park Town Center application for site plan modification at the Aug. 20 meeting of the planning board. Chair Dupree mentioned that a blanket approval of 13 in. letters for signage for businesses in the center was given at the last meeting. Since then, the board reviewed the samples provided for other options to increase the letter height, and Dupree said that the 13 in. appeared too small, 16 in. seemed okay, while the larger sizes showed too much variation between the different businesses. However, Dupree added that the board agreed that CVS Pharmacy’s sign should be allowed to increase to 20 in. letter size. Member Robert Groeninger did not believe the height should go over 13 in. because he believed it would be a safety hazard to drivers. The site plan modification was approved, with 5 yeses and 1 no from Robert Groeninger, with an added clause stating that the 16 in. letter height would not apply to stacked letters, as suggested by alternate board member John Bickford, who subbed for the recused Chan Murphey. However, board attorney Victoria Polidoro also added a clause that said individual businesses could come in separately to apply for stacked letters if the lower letter size is under 16 in.

4 hearings set for school district signs
The planning board set four public hearings for the Sept. 3 meeting for four Hyde Park Central School District signs: Ralph R. Smith directional sign, North Park Elementary directional sign, Hyde Park Elementary full sign, and the HPCSD Administrative Building full sign. Chair Dupree noted that the public hearing will also be a Monroe hearing, because the school district is claiming they are immune from town code, and the board will go through the nine criteria established through that Monroe County case years ago to determine whether the signs can be exempt. Dupree added that the digital signs will not be included because the Board of Education is still sorting out issues with the Dept. of Transportation.

Other business
A special meeting of the Hyde Park Planning Board will be held on Wed. Aug. 27 at 7pm for a public hearing on the Hyde Park Assisted Living Facility application for a site plan extension at 394 Violet Ave, the former Hoe Bowl site. …The planning board unanimously approved a site plan waiver for a pre-existing pool from the 1970s for Arthur Gross of 3 East Elm Ave. …A sign permit recommendation for the Violet Ave. Plaza, at 473-481 Violet Ave., was approved unanimously. …Also unanimously approved a was a site plan waiver for extended entry and reframed roof for Kevin Poliziani of 2 Cliff Dr.; a sign permit for Allstate, at 4260 Albany Post Rd.; and a sign permit recommendation from the Zoning Board of Appeals for TEG Federal Credit Union, at 4282 Albany Post Rd.

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