Milan considers new stop sign, houses in land conservation district

A public hearing will be held Sept. 15 at Milan Town Hall at 7:20pm on a new local law that would amend the town code to add a stop sign on the southbound lane of Battenfeld Road at the T-intersection with Shookville Road.

The town board approved the hearing unanimously at their Aug. 18 meeting.

Also at that meeting, the town board agreed to consider a recommendation from the planning board on altering the town’s zoning code to allow single-family dwellings in the Land Conservation District with site plan and special use permit approval by the planning board.

Councilman Jack Campisi said that amending the law would be “a fairly easy fix” and in the town’s best interest, in this case. He explained that when the wetlands in the Land Conservation District (LCD) were determined, the portions of a given parcel that were actually wetlands were not isolated. As a result, some lots currently designated “LCD” include significant non-wetlands acreage; however, due to the “LCD” designation, building is not permitted anywhere on these lots, even if it would not interfere with the wetlands.

Altering the law to include the recommended clause would allow the planning board to review LCD parcels on a case-by-case basis, permitting construction and subdivision only where it would not impede the zoning code’s intended environmental protection goals.

The board agreed that Campisi should rewrite the law as recommended and present a motion for review and potential approval at the town board’s Sept. 15 meeting.

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