Red Hook freecycle day planned

Village of Red Hook residents are being encouraged to place items on their lawns in a village-wide freecycle event September 27-28.

All village residents are invited to participate, but only items to be given away—for free—will be allowed.

Event organizer Juliet Harrison told the Observer she often puts out free things on her lawn and had the idea that others might like to coordinate and make it an event. “We all have stuff that we don’t need anymore that somebody else is going to want to make use of,” she said.

Rain will postpone the event. The timing is largely up to participants, but the official event page sets a time of 10am on Saturday to 4pm on Sunday. All are encouraged to peruse the wares, but only village residents can put things out on their lawns.

Harrison hopes that weekend will encourage people to meet their neighbors, too. “It’s not an event-event,” she said, “Whoever is interested can participate…It’s the ultimate in recycling!”

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