The 20th Annual Tivoli Street Painting Festival will not be taking place this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The annual festival usually takes place near the end of September when artists and community members paint dozens of 8-foot squares along Broadway in the Village of Tivoli. 

The festival celebrates the artistic commitment within Tivoli and is accompanied by live music throughout the day.

Tivoli Trustee Susan Ezrati explained during the Board of Trustees meeting on Sept. 16, that alternatives were considered before deciding to cancel the Oct. 3 celebration.

Unfortunately, even a virtual event would require the gathering of some people which is what the village is trying to avoid in order to reduce the transmission of the coronavirus, she added.

“This decision was arrived at through the greatest deliberation and it’ll be back one day when it’s the right time,” said Mayor Joel Griffith.

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