A familiar sound will soon fill residents’ ears at noon daily.

The Village of Tivoli recently announced the return of its historic noon siren, a tradition upheld in the village from the 1940s until 2010 when it broke down and was not repaired.

“It’s something I’m very excited about,” said Mayor Joel Griffith at the Aug. 19 Board of Trustees meeting.

After a decade-long hiatus, the siren will sound from atop Village Hall. Along with the daily noon siren, two other tones will be incorporated: one to alert firefighters to a structure fire and another to alert residents to severe weather. The fire siren will consist of five short tones; the severe weather siren of three long tones.

“For many of us, it’s charming, it’s nostalgic,” Griffith said. “It was a nice bit of small village character to hear that every day at noon. However, it really is a public safety amenity, which we haven’t had for 10 years.”

Need for added public safety is timely, Griffith said, noting a tornado was spotted north of Tivoli this summer.

The project — spearheaded by Tivoli Fire Chief Marc Hildenbrand — required all electronic components of the siren to be replaced or rebuilt. The final piece, the motor starter, is expected to arrive in a week or two.

Cost of the repair is approximately $3,500.

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