Clinton Councilman Michael Whitton is encouraging Clinton residents to sign up for a community solar program from Hudson Valley Community Power designed to support clean, renewable energy, save up to 10% on annual electricity costs, and help raise funds towards local sustainability projects.

All residents in the Central Hudson region are eligible to sign up for this program, excluding  those who already have a solar panel on their property.

By joining the program, a resident is subscribing to a shared solar farm that feeds clean energy into the utility grid. Each resident receives a share of the proceeds in the form of credits deducted from their Central Hudson utility bill. 

“I have a house that is surrounded by trees, so I would not be able to have solar on my property,” said Whitton. “It works for me because now I know that 100% of my energy is coming from solar and I get a lower bill because of it.” 

A local community solar partner then bills for those credits, with a 10% discount.

Residents can save up to 10% on the supply portion of their electric bill – Central Hudson’s delivery charges cannot be offset.

On top of that savings, for each new subscriber Hudson Valley Community Power will give $50 to a sustainability fund earmarked for Town of Clinton sustainability projects.

Clinton residents can learn more and sign up here.

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