Hyde Park’s Hackett Hill Park will see the addition of a Gaga Ball pit thanks to one local Girl Scout—Hyde Park resident Lorelai Herriman—who has raised more than $800 for the project as part of her Girl Scouts Silver Award.

“It’s a perfect game for the park and the kids of Hyde Park, and it will bring the kids outside to play,” said Lorelai.

“Gaga Ball” is a game similar to dodgeball, but it’s played with a foam ball within an octagon-shaped pit in which the players hit the ball with the palm of their hands. The game combines the skills of “dodging, striking, running, and jumping,” Lorelai shared in a promotional video for the project.

The project has already received approval by the Hyde Park Recreation Department, said Lorelai, and the funds raised will financially support the project. After conducting research on pricing, Lorelai determined that $868.72 would cover project materials, including lumber, hinges and screws, and a gaga ball.

“It really makes Lorelai feel as if she is contributing and a part of our community,” said Lorelai’s mother, Crystal Herriman. “She hopes it will help bring families outside to Hackett Hill to enjoy the outdoors and put down their phones.”

Lorelai has been a part of Girl Scout Troop 10009 since she was in kindergarten, Herriman added. She is now a second-year cadette working toward her Silver Award—the highest award a cadette can earn.

“This project has to help the community and give Lorelai the chance to work on leadership skills as well. She is looking forward to teaching the kids of Hackett Hill, as well as put out a YouTube video on how to play,” Herriman said.

The Friends of Hyde Park organization matched each donation, dollar for dollar, until Lorelai hit her goal.

“Thanks everybody for helping us make Lorelai’s project a reality,” the Friends of Hyde Park shared in a statement. “Please feel free to continue contributing to Friends of Hyde Park. We help fund projects like this all the time and do whatever we can to help our town.”

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