Red Hook will be installing security cameras at the town’s recreation park to protect against vandals who have been damaging the facility. The town board voted unanimously to award the $23,228 contract to SCW at their town board meeting on Feb. 9. 

“We spent a great deal of time, energy and effort to renovate your public park and expand it as well,” said Town Supervisor Robert McKeon. “We have, over the years, had numerous vandalism incidents, so we’ve decided that it would be prudent for us to take measures to protect your investment in your park.”

The Rec Park reopened last fall with a new playground and sports fields and modifications to restrooms and parking. 

McKeon said that the videos will not be reviewed unless there is an incident of vandalism or other crimes reported at the park. Access to video footage will go through the office of the Town Supervisor and could eventually include the recreation park director and law enforcement.

“We will develop a formal policy [for how the video footage will be handled] and we will work on that in the ensuing months before the installation of the cameras,” said McKeon. “Hopefully it’ll make it worthwhile and perhaps make us feel a little bit safer.”

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