Final public hearing for Development Cap

In what may be the final step in a long and winding journey, this coming Wednesday (June 22) at 7:45pm the Town Board will give the public yet another opportunity to share its views on the Centers and Green Spaces (CGS) rezoning plan.

Through many years of discussions, meetings and compromise, most points of contention have been resolved with only a small group of residents remaining opposed to the plan.

The legislation would overhaul Red Hook’s zoning to finally bring it into compliance with the town’s master plan. The result would be a projected 60% cut in the number of dwellings ever to be built in Red Hook with fewer cars, less traffic and lower school taxes when compared to the current zoning.

Among the changes in the law will be the creation of an Agricultural Business District (ABD) dedicated to “protecting rural and agricultural land, discouraging incompatible nearby land uses, and promoting agriculture as a component of the local economy.” The ABD would allow farmers additional opportunities on their land such as the creation of bed and breakfasts, petting zoos, sleigh rides, crop mazes and the provision meeting spaces for events.

Another key element is the creation of a Traditional Neighborhood Development District meant to mimic the cozy feel of the inner village with tree-lined roads and smaller, more affordable homes and lots close to shops and restaurants.

While none of these homes will be built anytime soon, the law will serve as a plan when the time comes whether 20, 30 or 50 years from now.

The public hearing will be at Town Hall at 7:45pm on Wednesday, June 22. All are invited to attend.

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