Judge Triebwasser is named Dutchess County Magistrate of the Year

Red Hook Town and Village Justice Jonah Triebwasser has been named Magistrate of the Year by the Dutchess County Magistrates Association. The award will be presented to Judge Triebwasser on Monday, June 27, 2011 at 6:00pm at the Italian Center, 227 Mill Street, in Poughkeepsie when he will also be inducted as President of the Dutchess Magistrates for 2011 – 2012.

In making the award, the Magistrates said that “Judge Triebwasser has devoted nearly forty years of his life to the court as a police officer, investigator, prosecutor, attorney, and most recently as a judge. Judge Triebwasser has combined those qualities of judicial excellence, integrity, and community involvement that rightfully inspire his judicial colleagues. Moreover, he has made more significant contributions to the Dutchess County Magistrates Association that have benefited all of the Association’s members.

In Red Hook, Judge Triebwasser has earned a well deserved reputation for presiding over a court that is open and efficient. He is the author of a number of judicial decisions accepted for publication by the State Reporter.

Red Hook Judge Jonah Triebwasser
Judge Triebwasser is also actively involved in the community, including the Red Hook Rotary Club, and other civic and professional organizations.

In the coming year, Judge Triebwasser will serve as the Magistrates Association’s President and at the same time as the Vice President of the Dutchess County Bar Association. This may be unprecedented in the history of our Association. Judge Triebwasser deserves great credit for fostering a positive relationship between the two organizations. In the past two years, he has served as a liaison between the two Associations and helped promote an annual breakfast sponsored by the bar association for the magistrates. This unprecedented outreach by the bar association and developing relationship with local magistrates is largely attributable to Judge Triebwasser’s efforts.”

Judge Triebwasser has been a Red Hook resident for 32 years along with his wife, Ellen. They have two children: Tom, 28, an electrical engineer with Lockheed Martin, and Alison, 25, a veterinary assistant.

Judge Triebwasser is a graduate of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice (class of 1972) and the New York Law School (Class of 1979). He is a member of the adjunct faculties of Vassar and Marist Colleges.

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