The City of Poughkeepsie held the first of two public meetings last Wednesday to gather feedback on the latest version of proposed citywide zoning changes. 

Zoning determines what types of buildings and businesses can be built and operated in particular neighborhoods.

The City and its consultants unveiled the latest proposed version of the zoning code and zoning map, which has already undergone significant public input and changes during a multi-year process. The second public meeting is set to be held on Wednesday, March 27, at Morse Elementary School from 5:30 pm to 7 pm.

The goal is to update the city’s zoning regulations to accommodate development in line with the city’s new Comprehensive Plan, adopted in late 2022, rules that have remained unchanged citywide for over four decades. 

According to the “PK4Keeps” website the city set up to track progress on the project, the comprehensive plan is meant to “help define the community’s vision for its future and translate that vision into priorities, strategies, policies, and guidance for making decisions within City Hall and throughout the city.”

Blown-up posters of each portion of the zoning code were set up along the room’s perimeter so attendees could offer written feedback. Planning consultant firms CZB and Ingalls Planning & Design are leading the effort for the City of Poughkeepsie and were on hand to discuss the changes with members of the public as they walked around the room to study each exhibit. 

Members of the Common Council and key city officials also attended the meeting to gauge public sentiment about the newest version of the code.

The City has encouraged anyone interested in the project to review the proposed Zoning Code draft and provide feedback via the “PK4Keeps” website at

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