Poughkeepsie seeks city administrator

The City of Poughkeepsie has launched a nationwide quest for a new City Administrator, seeking “an enthusiastic, financially savvy local government management professional” to fill the role, according to the announcement. The advertised salary range for the city’s top job is $175,000-$200,000 annually, with a comprehensive benefits package and participation in the New York State Retirement system. As the City’s Chief Administrative Officer, the chosen candidate will spearhead day-to-day operations, overseeing a diverse array of city departments staffed by 365 employees, operating within a $105 million budget. 

The city has contracted with a recruiting firm called Pracademic Partners, which created a recruitment brochure to attract would-be applicants to the position, highlighting Poughkeepsie’s rich history, vibrant community, and ambitious plans for the future. The brochure describes the City Administrator position as a key managerial role responsible for leading the city organization and its employees. 

The successful candidate is expected to possess qualities such as being outgoing, a consensus builder, and an inspirational leader with a good sense of humor and high integrity. The brochure underscores the importance of these attributes in the city’s day-to-day administration. In addition to supervising essential public service departments, the City Administrator will collaborate with the Mayor to represent Poughkeepsie, foster community engagement, and ensure the realization of both short- and long-term city objectives. With a focus on enhancing municipal services, optimizing fiscal stewardship, and bolstering intergovernmental relations, the selected candidate will play a pivotal role in sustaining the city’s financial stability and fostering partnerships with external stakeholders.

Retired City of Poughkeepsie police chief Ron Knapp was appointed by new mayor Yvonne Flowers in January to serve as interim city administrator while the nationwide search could be conducted. Before Knapp, the role of city administrator was filled by Marc Nelson, who served under mayor Rob Rolison for seven years before Rolison was elected to the State Senate, leaving Nelson to assume the duties of both the city administrator and mayor for all of 2023 before leaving the city for a job as town manager in Simsbury, Connecticut. 

Prospective candidates are invited to submit resumes and cover letters to ian@pracademicpartners.com with the subject line “Poughkeepsie City Administrator.”

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