Tivoli thanks summer rec counselors

At a recent meeting of the Village of Tivoli Board of Trustees which was held in Tivoli ’s Memorial Park, Mayor Bryan F. Cranna and Trustee Robin Bruno recognized the village’s summer recreation counselors for their efforts in hosting a successful summer recreation program, with commendations from the Board of Trustees.

Mayor Cranna stated, “It had been one year since Tivoli saw a summer recreation program in its park, and the loss of the program left a void in the village. When I became Mayor in April of this year, I assured families that I would work with the village board to restore the program. I am proud to say that the program was back this summer and all reports show that it was an enjoyable experience for young families throughout the village.”

Cranna credited Trustee Robin Bruno for her efforts in working to restore the program. “Trustee Bruno is to be commended for taking on this project almost immediately upon becoming a Trustee. By working with Clerk Gonnella, the Dutchess County Board of Health, and the program’s director Gail Torchia, Trustee Bruno took the lead on this task and as a result, Tivoli ’s popular summer recreation program was back.”

Trustee Bruno added, “I am thrilled to have been a part of bringing Tivoli Summer Rec back to the village and the children who participated this summer. I look forward to working on this project again, and planning a program for our young residents. With the modifications to our Memorial Park which will soon be underway, I believe next year we can progress and offer even more to those who wish to join us.”

Cranna concluded by saying, “Gail Torchia, and her staff, Emily Staffiero, Colin Waterhouse, and Brenna Couture have earned the thanks of a grateful village for ensuring Tivoli ’s children had a memorable summertime experience.”

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