Red Hook CAN presents AgriCULTURE

The Red Hook Community Arts Network (CAN) is preparing their third event since the group’s inception early this year. A juried art exhibition entitled AgriCULTURE will open on October 13 at CAN’s ArtPOP Gallery in Red Hook at 7490 South Broadway. Juried by Benjamin Krevolin, former President of the Dutchess County Arts Council, the exhibit will feature work by local artists who have been invited to submit art depicting, or inspired by, the agriculture that is so much part of our community.

Red Hook CAN has grown out of an initiative between a handful of local artists and the Red Hook Area Chamber of Commerce. It is dedicated to creating an environment that engages creativity, art, and culture as a catalyst for community transformation, sustainability, prosperity, and livability.

The opening of their ArtPOP Gallery in July is an example of a mission statement come to life: a local business, Baright Realty, made available an otherwise vacant storefront that the artists then transformed in order to set an example that the center of Red Hook is an inviting place to visit, shop, or set up a business.

Only one month later, CAN then created an even more ambitious art gallery at The Emporium, another new business venture in Red Hook. “ARTS Inspired” was a three-day event featuring a generous display of many and varied visual arts, a theater production, music offerings, literary readings, and delicious local food.

The Opening Reception for AgriCULTURE will take place on Saturday, October 22 at the ArtPOP Gallery. The show will run from October 13 to November 27. For further information, contact and follow on Facebook.

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