Rhinebeck trustee declares for NYS Senate

Rhinebeck resident and business owner Terry Gipson has released the following statement announcing his candidacy for the New York State Senate in the 41st district:

“This announcement comes as no surprise to the thousands of people I have already met since early April when this journey began. I have attended over 150 events and meetings, travelling over 6,000 miles so far. Our campaign is well under way, and this release serves as my official announcement that I am running for the New York State Senate in the 41st district.

“Like so many in my district and all across the state, I have had my fill of Senators who have been in office for decades and are just not up to or willing to solve the diverse set of real problems that exists for our middle class and working families. The truth is, by virtue of their having been in Albany for so long, they are actually a big part of the problem.

“We need new leaders with new energy and with real hands-on management experience who will take the task of governing seriously, and not nod and wink when one of their own is caught in a corruption scandal. We need action, not excuses. We need to say yes to new ideas that help the middle class because the status quo in Albany just isn’t working. Our friends and neighbors are struggling to find a job, keep their homes, and afford health insurance. We need strong and sensible policies to safeguard our seniors and protect the future of our children.

“I can’t sit idly by and wait for someone else to step up to the plate. And as a member of the middle class, I can’t put up with more of the same. That’s why I’ve been introducing myself to the people of my district for five months already, and that’s why I am announcing my candidacy for New York State Senate to everyone today.

“I have been listening to the people and not the powerful, and have been working on practical solutions to problems that require investment in our future – not the short-sighted ‘cut and burn’ rhetoric that we hear everyday from long-time politicians and their well-connected lobbyists. Want to lay off some state workers? I suggest we start with the Senators. Send them home and let them see what it’s like to find a real job and live in the economic conditions they’ve helped to create.

“The people of Dutchess and Columbia Counties deserve better – and I will continue to work hard every day to gain their support between now and election day, November 6, 2012. And once I get to Albany, they can count on me to be a creative and aggressive leader who always remembers who elected me, and fights for their needs everyday.”

Terry Gipson lives in Rhinebeck NY where he was elected to, and presently serves on, the Rhinebeck Village Board of Trustees. Terry and his wife, Michelle, are active in community organizations including the local Historical Society, Farmers Market, Chamber of Commerce and Morton Memorial Library. Terry has over 20 years of hands-on management experience in the private sector, and has built a career finding creative solutions to complex problems. In 2006, Terry opened Gipson Design Group Inc., a firm specializing in set and exhibit design, which is located in Rhinebeck Village. Terry Gipson is a Democratic candidate for the New York State Senate from the 41st district, which presently includes most of Dutchess and all of Columbia Counties.

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