Tivoli takes steps to combat water problems

Village of Tivoli Mayor Bryan F. Cranna announced today that the village is addressing calls that it has received from residents who have detected a sulfur odor in their water as well as sediments.

Mayor Cranna stated, “We are aware of the situation and are taking the necessary steps to address it as expediently as possible.”

The Mayor continued, “The bulk of the calls seem to be coming from one area of the village: North Road and Montgomery Street. As a result, we have shut off the well that provides water to that area and we are utilizing another well. The Village’s Superintendent of Public Works James Simmons, Deputy Mayor Michael Leedy, and Village Engineer Ronald Evangelista of Morris Associates are reviewing the situation and I am confident we will have answers in the coming days.

The village will keep residents abreast of the progress via its webpage www.tivoliny.org, or residents may contact the village hall at 845-757-2021 to inquire or to report any other concerns.

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