Astor services holiday adopt-a-family program

Since 1953, Astor Services for Children & Families (formerly The Astor Home for Children) has provided behavioral and educational services in a caring environment where children and their families find strength, healing, hope and trust. Now serving over 6,000 children and families annually, Astor’s current range of services to families in the Mid-Hudson Valley and the Bronx include Residential Treatment, Therapeutic Foster Family Care, Early Childhood Programs, and Community-Based Behavioral Health and Prevention Services.


Children and families in Astor programs are matched with volunteers that are
able to provide gifts and a happy Christmas season for those most in need.

Suggested items: Winter Clothing · Hats and Mittens · Board Games· Sports Supplies · Books · Arts & Craft Supplies · Stuffed Animals · Gift Certificates

Call Dana Valdez at (845) 871-1171 or visit

For additional information about Astor Services for Children & Families, please visit their website at or call The Children’s Foundation of Astor at (845) 871-1117.

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