ZBA considers request for self-storage units in Tivoli

Jack Grumet has asked the Tivoli Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) for an interpretation of the village zoning code that would allow him to open a self-storage business at 5111-5115 Route 9G, just north of the Kerley Corners Road intersection. An interpretation is a ruling that changes how the zoning law is interpreted and applied.

Grumet had been denied a special permit by the village’s zoning enforcement officer, who cited the fact that self-storage is not on the list of permitted uses in that area. As part of his application, Grumet told the ZBA at its March 26 meeting that self-storage should be considered light industrial and thus be allowed via special permit.

According to Grumet, the proposed facility would consist of two 30-foot-by-120-foot buildings with 54 units in each, with another three buildings to be constructed in the future depending on the demand. He said the proximity to the Bard campus could make the facility attractive to students and added that other nearby storage facilities are at capacity.

Grumet expects the business to have a low impact with little traffic generated–perhaps 10 to 20 visits per day based on his research. It would be gated and open from 6am until 9pm each day.

The ZBA will hold a public hearing on the application Monday, April 23 at 7pm at Tivoli Village Hall. If the application is granted, Grumet will be able to apply for a special permit from the Tivoli Planning Board.